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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Different Angle


Today I am taking you outside the confines of my little craft corner to share another "craft" that I enjoy, though it did not start out that way. 
Long story short, my son and I suffer from extremely sensitive skin and for years have lived with the side effects of using purchased soaps.  As a young child I was often asked if I had ants in my pants because I was such a squirmy thing due to my skin itching so much.  Several years ago I had read somewhere that all natural soaps, such as soap made from lye, are less irritating to the skin because they do not contain "detergents" as most store bought products do. 
So began my adventure in soapmaking and now it is a chore that I rather enjoy.  For many years I have left my soap uncolored, but with this last batch I gave coloring a go.  It didn't work out so well, thus the little chunks of blue soap on my table.  Once they are cured, I will shred them up and try it again by means of "rebatching". 
Soapmaking led me to also make my own lotions as well, and here on my table is the batch I made this morning.  It costs me 64 cents per bottle of lotion to make it myself, which is right up my alley, frugal as I am.  This particular batch however,  was made using emulsifying wax rather than my usual bee's wax, so technically it isn't 100% natural. 
Hope you enjoy the new angle of my workdesk, which can migrate to any part of my home.  Please drop by Julia's blog, Stamping Ground, to look at all the wonderful creative spaces that wonderful creators share.


  1. Wow...I would love to have a go at that.

    A.x (29)

  2. Wow, you are really clever Shari. I would love handmade soaps but have never been brave enough to try making any. I remember being given a handmade soap once which had pieces of lavender in it and I thinking it had the most beautiful much better than the shop-bought ones. I am also really impressed with how tidy your workspace is....I thought I was a tidy crafter but you put me to shame. It has been lovely sharing your crafting space with you. Pop round to mine if you fancy having a nose around

  3. Great to see about the soap - know about the perils of eczema - my whole family are allergic - even to medical ones! Great job - and lotion too. Thanks for the epek (your living room looks lovely too.)
    sasa 10

  4. I love handmade soaps. The cost to amke them are great. Great job.Making soaps are on my list of things to make . Enjoy!

  5. What a fab craft - skill really - to have. Your table is lovely - so shiny!!

  6. What a lovely room you have there. I bet that soap is wonderful to use.

  7. I love how you turned something that you needed into something you enjoy now!

  8. I really love the look of your soaps etc. How lovely to make your own products. I have a family of sensitive skins so I do sympathise.
    A x

  9. Loving your soap making

    Thanks for sharing

    Hugs Candace
    (late again hence #150!!!!!)

  10. Never had a go at that but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. #142

  11. I am new to WOYWW so just getting to you now. I love handmade soaps and buy a bar whenever I find a shop selling them so I think you are really clever to make your own. I have a little granddaughter named Shari just like yourself :) Elizabeth #87

  12. Wow, Shari, what a grat way to take control and be incharge of the problem! How enterprising too - golly they don't cost much do they! Can I be nosey and say that apart from the beautiful table, I love your room - that little cutlery canteen is a joy!

  13. I made soap for everyone on my Christmas list one year. I made three different types, using different oils/solids and essential oils. I know how long it takes to make these and have them cure. All my friends said they took showers and would never use them. I was SO disappointed. I'm glad to read someone uses handmade soap, even if it is due to a skin allergy. I rebatched some of mine once in my crock pot. I was surprised at how I was able to control the temp so well. Happy really belated WOYWW (#2).


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