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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Messy Messy


Another delightful Wednesday to share with you what is on my workdesk and a chance to peek at what is on everyone else's workdesk.  Skip over to Julia's blog to see more!

I  feel like recently I have abandoned my organizing nature as my desk hasn't had a proper cleaning for weeks now.  Things are just piling on top of more things until I have time to sort through it all.  When I do find extra time I am using it to enjoy these beautiful spring days and tend to my plants that are showing hints of green and enjoy having my windows open and all the birds singing.

So anyway, my desk this week has a new Jillibean Soup 6"x6" paper pad which I can't wait to cut into, a little strategic placement of 2 baby cards I made for the H2H challenge and what appears to be a somewhat organized mess, until.......

you see the other side.  It is just heaped with stuff, yikes!

And I just have to share a recent purchase that I am tickled pink about.  A sugar and creamer that matches my Old British Castles dinnerware.  I have been on the prowl for additional pieces for my set, but the price always is an obstacle.  I snagged these for $8.99.  The creamer has a small chip along the lip, but that doesn't bother me at all.  Over all they are in excellent condition.

Thanks for stopping by and have a joyful WOYWW!


  1. How pretty and colourful your desk is - and I have to say remarkably tidy by my standards... but mine are pretty low when it comes to tidying! Loving all your stamps too...Happy WOYWW - Hugs - Caroline xoxo

  2. I have to say that working on top of a pile is actually a skill...I should know!! YOur desk just looks inventive and interesting to me. Happy fo ryou about the creamer and sugar - from one china junky to another!!

  3. Happy Thursday. I'm just doing a very quick blog dash to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the heads up on the BIG celebration draw over in our blog shop. Please excuse this copied and pasted message but it's the only way I can get round you all this week. If you check out my blog you will see what's keeping me busy :-)

    Shop draw

    Good luck,
    A x

  4. Love the baby cards, and your lovely colourful storage, Shaz #122

  5. The baby cards are really beautiful -I just love those soft colours. You look very organised. Love the degree certificate on your wall, and well done with your purchase!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca xx (32)

  6. Your sugar and creamer are fantastic - good find! Love those baby cards they are adorable. TFS

  7. I call that the stack and shove methods of crafting. I will be busy doing something and don't want to stop so I will stack it and shove it off to the side. Sorry I am so late making it around but last week was very busy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

  8. aw at last! was here, but couldn't see the pictures and then blogger would not let me comment...I don't know why probably because I moaned so much!! loved your nest little shelves everything looks nice and tidy to me!! Thanks for the snoop!!
    (((Happy Very Late WOYWW Lyn)))


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