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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday

I had several comments on the oval frame I have on my wall.  This is one of my favorite things and it may have been a mirror at some time.  I purchased it in it’s current condition at an auction for next to nothing and several people asked me if I was going to refinish it.  I said no way, I loved it just the way it was.  I use old dishes and milk glass to hold my tools, pens, markers and the like.  I have 8 nieces and nephews, all who are under 6 years old, so I used this little desk to create a craft area for them when they come see me, which is often since my brother and sister live in the same town as I do.  Enjoy everyone!
P.S.  That is my BFF under the desk.  He always hangs out with me when I am working.  He is a Basset Hound and his name is Flash, because you know how fast basset hounds are ;) (not really).


  1. Oooooh gorgeous workspace and Flash is so adorable.


  2. Gosh, how neat, organised and BIG!!! Oh, you are so lucky! Love the way you've used all those pots and plates for storage - looks all set up for a fab teaparty but it's even better than that cos it's a crafting party. Cool. Happy WOYWW! Cath in the UK x

  3. Hi ya
    great piccies, lovely tidy workspace, lovely pooch, happy WOYWW,sue,x

  4. I love Flash and I like the name, I have a friend with a Basset so I understand perfectly! Great room and I love your storage ideas too, very pretty. Love the idea of a little crafting desk for the kiddos, hook them young!


  5. As I was admiring all your lovely pieces and all the super vignettes you have around your space, I had to stop and do a triple take on the platter under and to the left of the mirror frame. When I first saw it, I swear, I thought it was crackers, fruit, and cheese, with black olives in the center bowl. OK, I may be hungry, but I swear, it looked like a party platter.

    I admire your lovely space, would never touch the frame, and adore the little desk you have created for the little ones. A good way to watch them, and have them learn and appreciate art at the same time.

    Flash is adorable, too. Bet he would beat Bleubeard in a footrace (grin).

  6. Wonderful workspace! My daughter loves the dog best!

  7. Your space is really lovely. I'm sure I could spend many a happy hour playing there.
    A x

  8. Great workdesk and Flash looks so comfy.


  9. How tidy and organised! I am very impressed, you have a lovely workspace.

  10. How lovely, the old crocks lend a real unique look to your workspace (which remains very tidy, I must say!) and how sweet that the children have a real 'desk'' to craft at!

  11. I knew a horse called Flash, but he wasn't! Well, he was, but not always! Very tidy crafty room! have a great woyww, sorry I'm late.


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