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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday

 Ah, it is a gloomy day here, which admittedly I like just as well as a sunny day so long as it isn't too cold.  And let's take a peek at what is on my workdesk...

I promised myself that I would not move my work over to the class table, but because I had been working with glitter I did not want to get it all over my layout I am making for my class, and now I have been cursed.  This layout has been my bane!  I had made many mistakes and finally last evening I walked away from pure frustration.  This afternoon I will continue putting it together as it will need to be completed by this evening so I can show my class how to make it.  Julius is giving me some moral support.

I have been busy this past week making custom cards for my sister-in-law.  They are now officially complete!

On a happy note, over the Holiday my DH and I went shopping in Topeka and I found some lovely papers that I could not resist. (Anyone who knows me understands that anything faerie related is my weakness.)  And on the subject of faeries, my DH made little blocks for my faerie collection to sit on so that I could display them (one is in the left side of the above photo), and now I am not sure how to finish off the little stands.  Should I decoupage them, paint them?  Any and all suggestions are certainly welcome.   And lastly, I recently acquired a back-issue of Magnolia Ink magazine and was inspired by the use of beautiful flowers on all of the artwork, so I picked up a few in hopes that I will find a project to use them on.
Happy peeking!


  1. What a beautiful cat you have sharing your craft space today.
    A x

  2. wow what an amazing room! so many treats for us to ooogggllle & drool over :) so neat too, fancy sorting out mine! heheheheheh, love your cards too they are so pretty :)

    thanks for the snoop, hugs mandyxx

  3. Shari, the cards for your SiL are too cute. It's still your shelf unit and contents and organisation and beautiful colours that make me swoon though. Jealous I am! And good for Julius, you can encourage him to statically attract the stray glitter!

  4. A gorgeous craft room. I love all those flowers.

  5. Adorable playroom... You are one talented lady.. Thanks for sharing.

  6. gorgeous cards, I am a bit late this week, fab workspace, Happy WOYWW, Thank you for showing us your workspace.

  7. Oh my Gosh, what a fabulous space and what a gorgeous feline too!

  8. Gorgeous cat and a lovely workspace, everything looks very tidy and well organised.

  9. Lots of lovely things to snoop at this week, especially the cat.


  10. I don't think I'd ever leave my craft space if I had such a beautiful friend to keep me company :)

  11. Wow that's a big space to craft and it's so tidy looking

  12. Now THAT is an impressive desk! love all your jars of coloured buttons & flowers.

    Gorgeous kitty too!


  13. Shari,

    I about fell OVER when I read "Topeka." Then I read your profile and saw it was the same Topeka I'm familiar with. I live in Wichita. What a lucky and fun coincidence. Maybe we can get together one of these days.

    Although I'm not a stamper and don't scrapbook, I am a neat crafter, like you. I adore that wall of stamp pads, jars filled with colorful embellishments, and other goodies.

    Bleubeard is so jealous of Julius. I think if I allowed him in my craft room, or on my furniture, he would give me some much needed inspiration, too. Sorry I'm so late this week.


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