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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Am I the only one that works around here?


A few experiments are on my workdesk today.  I have been trying to create an antique cracked paint effect on clear cards, with some success, though not quite what I want yet.  I am also working on a "patchwork" bird using 1" squares of paper on chipboard, but of course I didn't have a spare piece of chipboard large enough to accommodate the bird, so I traced it onto two separate pieces hoping that I can adhere it to cardstock, then cover it with my paper and ideally, it will look as one solid piece.  Of course things always work out perfectly when one is only thinking about it, but when work actually begins, nothing goes as planned.

I am anxious to get to work with the new Basic Grey paper called Curio.  I pre-ordered it and it arrived last week, but I have been busy with other projects so here it sits, still in it's packaging, waiting patiently for me to create something.  It is gorgeous paper by the way.

Behind me is my class table, which is covered with random projects that need to be finished.  I worked last night on layouts for my class this evening, and I have finished assembling all the paper bag albums for the Streams to Rivers project next Tuesday.  I still need to finish cutting the papers for the "kits" I am making for the kids, but I am more than half way finished, so just a little more cutting and that project will be ready to go.

I noticed that the kitties were on my bed, so since I had the camera out, I decided to sneak up on them and snap a few photos.  Honestly, do they sleep all day?

 Now Julius is up and about but Smokey is still being lazy.

Julius apparently wanted a close up.

Flash is being lazy too it seems.

And wouldn't you know it, here is Dallas fast asleep.  Am I the only one that works around here?

Now they have decided to wake up and Flash doesn't look very happy about it.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone!


  1. Great desk, and wishing I had a big class table like yours :))thank you for showing
    Happy Woyywing

  2. Love your workspace and all the animals! Yes, the BG Curio is calling my name, too...
    Sue #92

  3. I love looking at your desk, especially all those lovely embellies on your white shelf unit.

    Enjoyed seeing the pics of your furry friends, is that a Loofah Dog toy that Flash is snuggled up with? Ellie has several of them.

    I guess it really is a dogs (& cats) life!


  4. Love all your snaps of your pets. They say it's a dogs life but apparantly it's a cats life too :-)How lovely.
    A x

  5. What a nice desk to work at so many goodies at your fingertips. The Hershey's bar is making me hungry and it's only 10 am. Good luck getting all your projects finished

  6. Loving your desk and I hope you get chance to use those new papers soon. I've got to say Flash has won my heart this week, he is so adorable.

    Have a great week


  7. Wonderful pics of your pets - Smokey is so beautiful!

  8. Lovely busy desk and I love your embellishment storage. And yes, I really think that was a rhetorical question looking at those cute furbabies!

    Brenda 90

  9. Love the curio paper, so vintage! and those cats are adorable

  10. What a busy but very productive looking desk. All those gorgeous fur babies. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  11. great snoop, but I did get lost! lovely dogs. Have a great WOYWW Weekend! ((Lyn))

  12. It's bad enough that I am running nearly a week late, then I have been plagued with that pesky 503 error all night. Just wanted to drop in and let you know I was here this week. You seem to be spread out all over the place (grin). But the photos of the kitties is precious beyond words. Bleubeard even sat up and took notice.

  13. i am too early for this week's WOYWW but just dropped by to say hello. that little shelf filled with little jars of all sorts is wonderful!


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