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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ghosties High Tea


Before I get to my desk this week, I would like to share some "quirky" traditions that my family celebrates this time of year.  First off you must understand that my family on my mother's side, the Fitzgerald's, are Irish through and through, so I grew up observing  family customs that have been passed down through the generations.  My husband's family, the Maclaskey's, are Scottish, so we have combined our unique family traditions to celebrate with our child so that he too may pass them along to his children. 
It is customary for me to make a special meal to celebrate All Hallows Eve and this includes colcannon.  Though it is something I make quite regularly throughout the year, I do make sure it is included with our Halloween meal since it has always been that way in my family.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with colcannon, it is basically equal amounts of boiled cabbage and boiled potatoes mashed together with some cream and served with a "puddle" of butter in the center.  At times I will alter the basic recipe somewhat and make what my grandmother called "mash-of-nines" which adds carrots, turnips and a leek to the potato/cabbage mix. 
After our dinner, around 8:00,  we enjoyed "Ghoulies and Ghosties High Tea".  (High tea generally refers to tea that is taken after dinner as opposed to in the afternoon.)

Edit:  Mandi pointed out below that she thought High Tea was served with savories and cakes and afternoon tea is served with cakes and she is absolutely right.  High Tea is traditionally served with savories such as sausages, fish, etc. and in my case, colcannon,  and sandwiches and a simple dessert.  The term "High Tea" was used for tea served at dinner time and sometimes IS dinner because it was served at the high dining table rather than a low coffee table or parlor table but High Tea can be taken at any time of the day and as early as noon.  Afternoon tea is the more formal of the two and the most elegant.  It is usually served with a light meal with the best linens and silver.  So you aren't wrong at all Mandi!  :)

This year we had a sweet chocolate mint tea to coincide with the sweet treats given on Halloween.   I also made an apple pastry to symbolize the completed harvest and as a substitute for the custom of dookin for apples because we really didn't want to plunge our face into a cold tub of water this year.  (Sorry granddad.)
Halloween in our family is much more than trick or treating, it is about remembering our loved ones who have gone before us and paying tribute to our ancestors who have passed down our "quirky" customs.
And at last, I will leave you all with a look at my workdesk.  Honestly it really isn't much to speak of this week.  I am working on the Fall layout I will be teaching this evening in class.  Technically I had them finished last week, but I managed to put the left page into an ink pad and it was ruined.   I used my heat gun to heat the adhesive and salvage as many elements as I could.  Fortunately I had only to remake my base page and then re-attach the additional pieces.
I highly encourage you to visit Julia's Stamping Ground, the mastermind behind WOYWW, to have a candid peek into the workspaces of many creative souls.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Hi ya Shari
    oh that sounds like posh bubble n squeak, lol, lovely creative desk, have great day,happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  2. Such a lovely work space, bet you really enjoy crafting there...

  3. Thanks for sharing yur family traditions! The apple pastry looks great. Love your desk with the layouts.

  4. yeay - I do colcannon for my Irish man too -my recipe twist is finely cut and crispy smokey bacon added at the last moment...

  5. Thanks for sharing about your meal and tea. So sorry that happened to your layout. I like Undu for taking pages apart. I'd worry that a heat gun would curl the paper too bad. Thanks for the peek. S #84

  6. Great work space, love that shelving unit!

    I always thought afternoon tea was cakes and high tea was savoury sandwiches and cakes
    Im always wrong hehe

    Happy WOYWW mandi xx

  7. Thank you fro sharing your family traditions, made great and interesting reading - though why didnt you just add some warm water for the dookin? Grandad would never know LOL

  8. what a lovely, clean work space. Love your fam traditions too. TFS

  9. Sounds a bit like Bubble & Squeak, mix all the left overs together with potato, mix with onions, make into little 'cakes' or squares and fry them in butter or in the old days lard...
    Have a great woyww
    Happy WOYWW #31 & #33

  10. What a gorgeous workspace you have - very light and airy, all the colours look so inspiring in there...

  11. Hi Shari
    Fascinating post - especially as my husband has been researching his family and found that he has relatives from Ireland - came to Scotland in 1840's - Fitzpatricks. Now he wants to go over to Ireland to find out more!!

  12. Shari what a brilliant post. I really miss the scottish traditions now that i am living in turkey. i really do like your workspace. the pages on the table are such lovely colours. caroline #16

  13. All so nice to look at - and eat - great papers on your desk...sorry about the remake! Hope to see it soon...
    sasa 25

  14. Really interesting post. In my family High Tea was eaten instead of dinner when we were children - we were never up late enough for dinner - and it was usually something cooked but light, often served up cake and biscuits to satisfy our sweet tooth. Afternoon tea was ready for us when we came home from school and that could be a sandwich or, in winter, soup. We didn't starve. Your desk is lovely and I'm glad you were able to rescue your layout. Elizabeth #98

  15. What a gorgeous area to work in. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)


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